Formula 1 Cars

f1The F1 Grand Prix is one of the most popular, entertaining and exhilarating sporting events around the world. In case you have been following the sport passively and want to know more about it, here are a few of the things you should know about Formula 1.

First of all, all the teams will have a level playing ground. This simply means that they will be limited to the same size of the engine. To the common man, having small engines may seem like an impediment towards better performance at the race, especially because most people believe that the bigger the engine, the more the power it will produce and the better it will perform. However, this is not the case. Formula one is about using modern technology to get to the maximum speed a car can obtain.

2006-bugatti-veyronFor instance, about seven years ago, one of the fastest cars in the competition was the Bugatti Veyron. It could accelerate to speeds of up to 200 mph in about 6 seconds. However, this model has been overtaken by the Hennessey Venom GT, which topped the fastest road car in the world record by recording a speed of 270.49mph in early 2014. This was followed by a later version of the Bugatti, known as Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, whose speed was only 0.63mph slower than the Venom.

Another thing you have to understand about these race cars is the fact that they are very powerful; for instance, you will find an F1s power to weight ratio being as high as 1500 horsepowers per ton. This means that F1 cars have engines that are about 3 times more powerful than the fastest road cars in the world. This is amazing considering the fact that F1 car engines are much smaller than their road car counterparts.

Another interesting thing about F1 cars is the way they are modeled. They have no comforts whatsoever. This means that if you aren’t in good physical form, you will not have a good time getting into the car, leave alone driving it. Also, it takes an entire team to manage and control these cars. So, if you are imagining that you can just buy yourself a cool F1 toy and track and get started, you are very wrong. For instance, before the vehicles can start, they are literally heated. Think about the way your car starts easily in the morning when it is all cool? Well, these cars have so much compression when they are cold that the pistons stop moving completely.

Did you know that if you hesitate when starting a formula one car, it will cut off all the fuel supplies and will have to be taken back to the auto shop for reconfiguring? Well, this feature is a precaution that is meant to prevent the vehicle from catching fire. This simply means that to start a formula one car, you literary have to master how they are run. If this feels like too much work for you, it is always fun to sit back and watch the pros running the vehicles on the tracks.